Meet Us

Meet Annie & Sarah. Two passionate ladies, each having fun growing their own creative business. We love what we do so much we want to share it with others and, while we are at it, also create a business that complements our individual art and glass bead making practices. So after many meetings fueled by chips and the occasional glass of wine, we came up with Sprigg!

Annie Scherz

10 True Facts About Me (seriously):

1) My middle toes are different lengths. Seriously. The right middle toe is just a titch longer than my big toe, and my left middle toe is just a titch shorter than my big toe. Maybe it is my big toes that are different lengths. Uh oh.

2) I once ate a light bulb from a toy train set when I was about 2 years old. This explains why I am so bright.

3) I sing along to the music all the time. I whistle if there are no words, make up the words I don’t know, and belt it out with reckless abandon.

4) When I was 8 years old, I used to worry that cutting the scissors in the air (not actually cutting any paper or anything), would cut the oxygen molecules in half and release carbon dioxide (surprisingly, it would be my sister who would be the one to get a Master’s in Atmospheric Chemistry and me not understand her thesis!).

5) If caught off-guard, I still think that I am only 22 years old… In my head, I’m stuck at that age.

6) I love being blissfully unaware – it has gotten me in to some really great situations (like building my lampworking studio with absolutely no previous experience or knowledge of construction, and starting my own business with no previous entrepreneurial experience!).

7) I have an irrational fear of sharks as I am of the “Jaws Generation” (as a child, I remember being afraid that one might come out of the drain at the public swimming pool).

8) I have a rather large portion of my brain filled with “nature nerd” facts from my days as an environmental educator and am surprised that EVERYBODY doesn’t know that a white-throated sparrow says “Oh sweet Canada, Canada, Canada!” when it sings.

9) I love a good dance party. As long as it ends by 10pm – I’m an early-morning kinda gal.

10) I left a secure, well-paid job as an elementary teacher (complete with benefits and pension) to start my little creative business. Some people think I am crazy. Others have told me that I am an inspiration.


Sarah Crane

After several years of treating art as merely a hobby, I’ve recently re-embraced my creative self and have decided to pursue it more seriously. I see this as a way to make a living doing something I love while bringing beauty into the lives of others… life’s too short not to, isn’t it? I’m enjoying the playful creativity that comes with returning to being an artist so much that I can’t help but dance in my studio while working.